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    Interesting to see this thread pop up again. I thought I'd update again. I mentioned playing with intermittent fasting, but in the end I returned to what I call three squares, 3 good high protein/low carb meals with minimal to no snacking. If I do snack late at nite, I eat lean protein like canadian bacon. On the bike I still use my muscle milk lite to drink, and nuts for long rides, no more pretzels. I find as long as I keep my blood sugar in a narrow range I feel good on or off the bike and my weight is stable/normalizes. My latest exercise regime is to swim laps during lunch, so for that I need a good breakfast, and/or an early lunch. Basically a high protein meal ~1 hour before I exercise. Then I do club bike rides on the weekends. The mid day exercise is also very good for controlling my blood sugars.

    I also find the Livestrong MyPlateD a great place to track food intake, exercise and blood sugars.

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    hey there, i just got dx'd type 1.5 last november. i saw earlier on in the thread you were following the paleo diet for athletes, but your last post you mentioned no pretzels for your rides. have you completely switched over to fat as your main fuel source, or do you just get minimal carbs from the muscle milk for riding fuel? i am doing the paleo/primal thing too. also, how did you figure out the thyroid issue? i really think i have something going on with mine, but, just had it tested again for the second time and they dr said it was fine. should i ask what my numbers were? i hear borderline is enough to affect some folks. i guess i think i have a thyroid problem because i can get the chills and my hair is falling out. i know thyroid goes hand in hand with type 1 sometimes as well. thanks in advance.



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