Hey there Aussie ladies-
I am getting ready to head down under in 2 weeks, and am planning on getting a pre-paid SIM card for my cell phone to use while I am there (I already got my phone unlocked, so we are all good on that front). I was wondering if there is a certain carrier that is better than the others? I am going to be in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and then around Hobart. Basically the ones that I have found that have good international rates (will really be using it most to call the US) are through Vodafone (through Go-Sim) and Optus (sold by cellular abroad). Or should I just pick one up once I get to Sydney... I just wonder if they have as good of international rates. The ones I am looking at I can call the US for between A$0.14 and A$0.27 per minute with the cheaper one just having a larger connection fee. they all have free incoming calls, even for incomming international calls and similar rates for calls within OZ.

Any suggestions?

Also, one other thing I am looking at right now... I still haven't booked my place to stay in Hobart... I am planning on doing the Hostel thing as it is crazy how much $$ it saves that I can use on other things. The problem is that I am going to have a rental car there so I can get out of Hobart and see things. The two hostels I am considering are Montomery's down in the CBD and Adelphi, which is closer to the North Hobart resteraunt area, but not downtown. Montgomery's doesn't have parking, but there is a 24 hour lot that I can park at for $2.50 over night and a max charge of $13.50/day, and there are meters on the street. Adelphi has free off street parking as they are in a more residental area. Given that I am going to be out and about most of the days, do you think that it is worth staying out of town for the conveninece and just driving or bussing in when i want to in the evening? Also remember I have never driven on the "wrong" side of the road before, so too much crazy city driving is not terribly appealing

Thanks for all your help, and I am looking forward to spending some time down under!