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    Jan 2004
    Denton, Texas

    Thumbs up mission complete!

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    I managed to complete the capital of Texas olympic distance tri! It was a blast. I was in the water for a long, long time but stilll managed to finish up! I am a changed person.... bring it on!
    Next stop South Padre in October!
    because I can

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    Jul 2003


    Good for you babz! I am thinking about doing an Olympic Distance in 5 weeks.

    Did you train much harder than for a Sprint? Our group's coach has more confidence in me than I do and said based on my training, it will only be a matter of getting sufficient fuel.

    Sorry to hijack your thread. Congrats again!

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    Feb 2003
    Fort Bragg, NC Currently
    I also used to struggle with the swim, a workshop with total immersion has changed that I can do 1000 meter in 15 minutes or less consistently. I highly recommend looking into their program, not only do I move faster but swimming is so much easier I come out of the water fresh and relaxed, where as before I was typically exhausted out of the water and recovered on the bike. It does pay off -



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