It was pretty uneventful, although I dropped my chain just before getting to the rally; had a little bit of other shifting trouble. I haven't ridden the hybrid in ages and it seems the front derrailleur is a bit out of adjustment. My cyclocomputer wasn't working right so I don't know my actual distance or riding time. RouteSlip put it at around 10 miles and I think I did it in a little under 45 minutes.

If I do this some more I'll probably need to invest in panniers and a rack. I was riding with a full backpack and had to be careful about how I shifted my weight.

Got to work and the guard told me to lock my bike up outside, but the building manager was standing there and said it would be OK for me to bring it to my office. Had to wait to shower while they were cleaning the bathroom. It would have been nice it they cleaned the shower, too. It obviously hasn't been used in ages and the shower floor had many dead flies on it.

Too bad it wasn't a nicer day.

I didn't win the bike