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    Jul 2005
    Sydney, Australia

    Thunderbolt and lightening, very very frightening

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    The climate in Sydney can be so weird.

    Earlier on, it was so hot and muggy. With no ocean breeze to cool me down, it felt like I was cycling in a sauna.

    I still feel kinda warm, but now the sky is filled with thunderbolts and lightening. Outside my window, I can see the sky flashing with light and I hear a load roar in the sky. We've had a little rain, but it's hardly going to fill Warragamba dam.

    As much as I enjoy summer, I'm glad autumn has arrived here. One hopes that the weather is going to be more predictable.
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    Oct 2005
    Israel (Middle East)
    Australasia? Predictable weather?
    You gotta be joking!

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    Apr 2005
    Middle Earth

    Galileo, Galileo...

    I'm a fan of Freddy too... not of thunder and lightening and bike riding though...

    Big fan of rain though - trust it hoses down, but steadily, so the ground absorbs it and every thing turns a sweeter shade of green and the dam level steadily rises

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    Jul 2005
    WA, Australia
    When I moved to the East coast of Australia I was amazed at these huge electrical storms we would have. Being from the West I had never seen anything like it. Sure we got lightning and stuff but nothing like the East. I actually enjoyed it (sick I know) unless of course it started getting out of control and tiles start flying off your roof and trees start flying around then that is a little too scary even for me.
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    Feb 2007
    Melbourne Australia
    Oh that's Sydney for ya!! I think it's all the cyclonic conditions up north giving us all grief. Perth had 42 degrees today (for you northern hemisphere folk, thats bloody hot!!)

    Sydney gets terribly humid in February/March. Half your luck having thunderstorms - I love them and we have been a light on on this summer down here for them. Mind you autumn is approaching, we had that 'nip' in the air this morning. I just love autumn.

    But can understand how hot it is cycling in it. Just started running again and the last few weeks it's been so hot and uncomfortable. I don't mind how cold it is for running.

    Hoping you get some rain out of it all



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