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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen View Post
    Thanks for the link! My SO and I are trying our darnedest to eat vegan but we keep stumbling. Next thing on our list is to buy a food processor since so many of the recipes call for one (BTW - I tried a blender instead and it wasn't pretty ).
    That's good to know, Queen. I don't have a food processor, either (well, we have this ancient screech-y thing called an "Oscar" - I think - that might be one, but I dread pulling it out of the pantry. It's awful.), and was plotting to pull out the blender - which is also awful in its own right.

    RE: Flan, Janice - it's just the Goya box brand...available at any Giant or Safeway (maybe Whole Foods, I don't know). Goya is the same company that makes beans and other Greek or Mediterranean (sp?) foods. It's probably in the "ethnic" section of the store where the pudding/pie filling boxes would be. My vegan friend served it at a recent party of hers, and it was quite a hit - partially for the "You're serving flan?" "But it's vegan! No eggs!" aspect, and also cuz it was good!
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    I might be too late but did you see the posting for "African Sweet Potato Stew"?
    It was super delicious and vegan. Yum!
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    Since I'm home for a snow day, I just made a chickpea/onion/broccoli/carrot casserole...it smells amazing!

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