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    Yikes, Silver! I think you win........

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    Kitsune06 Guest
    I... uh... don't think we're having any kinda competition...

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    Quote Originally Posted by missymaya View Post
    I've read some articles on scarification but it really never interested me and I've always associated branding to 2 things: cows and fraternities. I know there's more to it than that, but I just can't get over that. I'll just stick to the needles and ink, thank you
    Cows, fraternities and BDSM'ers!
    Scarification. This can be the most dangerous of all the body arts. Not to be tried at home.

    Branding causes a 3rd degree burn which is highly susceptible to infection. The artist cannot create the scar; the body does, as each body is different, each scar will be different!

    Hmmmm, think I will just stick to my one tattoo.

    Goodness, I am lucky after reading the scars that many of you have, I have an appendicitis scar, nothing else worth mentioning.

    Yes, Silver...........think you deserve an award.

    (Off thread...........Silver, congrats on becoming a Spin Instructor)


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    Kitsune06 Guest
    Mine are pretty tame.
    Right ear- (now) mild ridging from a dog attack when I was 2 or 3. Don't remember much of it anymore.
    2" scar runs from between my index and middle finger knuckles to mid-way down on the back of my left hand,
    an ink spot on my thumb knuckle, left hand, (don't ask)
    pencil 'tattoo' on left palm, 'catching' the pencil my darling little sis lunged at me with
    a multitude of much smaller scars up my arms from soldering, dropping things in pickle, injuries, etc (I'm serious, I do not look good under blacklight as far as my arms are concerned)
    1/2" roundish scar from a 'brand' that didn't turn out on l bicep
    1" dia pentangular scar from a brand that turned out a little better on my shoulder (both were more for myself than anything else)
    two tolkein runes beneath the pentangle that turned out very well and are now mostly invisible aside from the obvious discontinuity with the rest of the surrounding skin
    Crossing over...
    The bridge of my nose has a permanent bump from breaking it as a kid (and probably a re-break later moshing)
    a smaller scar on the top of my shoulder from a playground incident (ok, I got run over...)
    middle finger, last knuckle is a little 'bigger' and 'crunchier' than the rest, from an old football injury
    index finger, 2nd knuckle has a scar from when I got two stitches
    round scar on top and bottom of wrist from cat bite abt 5 years ago
    Moving on...
    some decent scar tissue on my chest (only visible via blacklight) from sliding down a tree having tried my dad's climbing tree stand. Bad times.
    Left leg, just above my knee I have a 1.5" long, 1/4" wide scar from attempting to carve with a scalpel. I ended up slipping and carving my leg. oops.
    Left knee- still some pink divots and streaks from high velocity gravel implantation. =P
    Right calf, very faint now, was much more prominent, 5" long narrow scar from a logging incident
    I think that's it for me. I do appreciate brandings. the design has to be fairly open, fairly simple, because it *is* your body making the design, not you. You have to work *with* nature instead of against it. Therein lies the art.
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    I'm hoping I'm not the only one with this particular kind of scar but in my younger more *stoooooopid* days, we did this thing (when we drinking of course) where two people would place their arm side by side and lay a lit cigarette at the junction of the two and the person who pulled their arm away first lost. Not that there was a prize or anything but it was *cool* to end up with the resulting scar.

    Yes I have that scar. Yes, I am a loser.....................

    I did mention it was my MUCH younger days, right?

    Oh and of course there is the way cool scar on the inside of my right calf where I dismounted on the wrong side of my DH's Kawi and the pipes left a lovely burn.........
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    I have a similar scar in that it is kinda stupid. Mines a perfect cresent shaped scar on the flesh between my thumb and index finger from a mercy fight I had with a girl with long nails. Her nail litteraly dug into the flesh of my hand, DEEP. But there was no way I was giving up.

    So I've told my funny stories. Here's my list:

    - 2 scars on head, from 2 different injuries, one bike related, one from a game of duck duck goose.
    - 3 long skinny scars on torso from bra chafing during a race
    - 1 long skinny scar on flank from cat
    - 1 oblong scar on flank from chicken pox
    - multiple elbow scars from road rash and fry basket burn when I was a teen working at MacD's. That one's kinda cool because it's basket weaved.
    - One very large scar on wrist/forearm from carwash incident (see above)
    - 1 pin point tatt from art class (see above)
    - Cresent scar left hand (see above)
    - 6 or 7 knuckle scars from my climbing days
    - Scar on the tip of my outie belly button from chafing while running
    - Huge scar on my azz (see above)
    - Multitude of tiny to medium scars on my legs from knees down from either bike crashes, platform pedal wounds, fin wounds (surfing or windsurfing) and one nasty one from cutting my knee open on lava rock while body surfing. Oh... and that nasty coral incident that took a layer off the top of my foot.

    I'm lucky, my scars fade away until they are almost not noticeable. Except the one on my butt and the burn from MacD's. Unfortunately the burn has faded enough that you can only easily see the worst part of it now and you can barely see the basket weave.

    I have not surgery scars *knocks on wood*, tatts or brandings.
    Living life like there's no tomorrow.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitsune06 View Post
    a multitude of much smaller scars up my arms from soldering, dropping things in pickle, injuries, etc (I'm serious, I do not look good under blacklight as far as my arms are concerned)

    What kind of metal work do you do? I'm a silversmith.

    This reminded me, I do have silver embedded in my left middle finger in a spot that I stupidly and repeatedly saw the same place open again and again.

    What's this about the black light?

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    Kitsune06 Guest
    oh, I just dink around, really. have the little swedish needle files, the jewelers' saw, some soldering gear and now and then little sheets of metal to work with. I do lost wax rings where I can find places to do the investments (no kiln of my own)

    black lights pick up incongruities in the skin- not sure how/why. scars appear either lighter or darker- probably same or similar reason why bodily fluids are picked up via blacklight, too.

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    These are kinda silly to all the other major scrapes you ladies have(love the stories though). The main ones I have are when I was in 8th grade, I ran my 3 wheeler into barbed wire and had to have stitches in my neck(missed my carotid artery by mere millimeters-got it stitched up and off I go. I was going slow btw. And yesterday 2/17 I went on a club ride and was unclipping to stop, I had my left undone and was working on my right and down I went LOL. I hit my knee and scraped it( my knee still hurts b/c I landed on it but the scrape now matches my left where I fell riding clipless last summer. Bike wasn't hurt either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silver View Post
    I just saw this thread. You guys have some impressive ones. I'm probably middle of the pack

    Starting from the top:

    top lip - vertical scar - fell on step at age two and got stitches and then feel the next day and ripped the stitches out

    Left shoulder blade - silver dollar sized white spot - road rash from Bike wreck in 10/06

    both breasts underneath - one inch scars from implants in 05

    right side next to breast 1.5 inch scar from chest tube placement - bike wreck 10/06

    both elbows red road rash scars - bike wreck 10/06

    both wrists - red road rash scars - bike wreck 10/06

    right hip large dark patch about 6 inches by 4 inches from hematoma with a 2 inch scar from the open wound (seems like the hip bone cut the skin open from the inside) bike wreck 10/06

    half inch scar on my right thigh - needed 3 stitches - accidently cut by knife by a friend. She had it in her hand and I was sitting next to her. she moved her hand down to move the chair back so she could stand and cut me. It was the strangest thing to look inside before it started to bleed.

    both knees - red road rash - bike wreck 10/06

    right knee - chain ring scar - no motion fall over

    left calf - three cogs of the chainring form triathlon - 8/06 - I was running the run part and a friend said what happened to your leg? I didn't want to slow down so I asked the next person that I passed if my leg was bleeding and which one. Blood was dripping down my leg to my sock, still not sure what I did.

    bottom on right foot, 2 inch surgical scar from removal of bone chip (probably due to running)

    Mr. did I miss anything?
    Yes, from head to toe - one beautiful woman!
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    Kitsune06 Guest

    The things some people overlook!



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