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    Nov 2003
    Melbourne, AUS

    Was a fun weekend for riding!

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    Saturday was a great morning's ride. Had a blast, learnt some more, but mostly I got alot of my confidence back. Was great to meet you Carla too! We make up a group of varying biking experience, so I think it will make for a rewarding team for everyone.

    Lysterfield on Sunday was even more of a hoot. A very fast ride for me and I was so happy about the way I rode it, best ever yet. Most satisfying. Great to finally ride with Lara, Eddy and Nick, even if you were on the horizon in front of me! Just made me go faster, rather than riding in a driving Miss Daisy fashion. Paul and Nick kept up the entertainment with crashes or close calls. Silly boys!

    So what's the go this weekend? There is talk of the boys doing the Sterling ride Monday, if not Kinglake. A friend in Kinglake, Anna, is up for feeding us after the ride with a BBQ, and this has always been a great day in the past (when I didn't ride). I know the boys are probably up for a big ride, so I think we could organise our own mini epic ride. I'm game to venture out without the testosterones if you are.

    And maybe we could play on the yarra trails Sat/Sun. Just post what you have available/plan to do and we'll get ourselves organised
    Warning: rider may fall at any time without notice.

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    Jun 2004
    Hi Brony,
    Saturday was great. The guys were really good and very patient with my frequent falling off bike antics. I've copped a few extra bruises and I was very sore on Sunday but that's a good thing!
    I'm up for anything this weekend. I'm pretty free so as long as its a ride that won't kill me I'd love to come!
    I guess I'll just let you guys guide me to let me know what I should tackle and what would be a bit much for me.
    I still have a ways to go before my fitness and strength is at a good level. I have many years of champion extreme couch sitting to make up for!
    Have you decided on a team name for the Mont?
    "A sure cure for seasickness is to sit under a tree."
    Spike Milligan.



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