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    Apr 2002
    Florida Panhandle

    Question Florida Panhandle Riders?

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    Anybody out there riding in the Florida panhandle area? I'm in Santa Rosa county and willing to travel a little for a ride with a partner now and then. Also, there are some pretty cool places to ride right around my home. 15-20 miles south are flat, breezy, beautiful beaches and to the north are rolling-hills pine forests.

    I'm neither very young nor very fast, but I hold my own and I can stay in the saddle for a long time (thanks, in part, to my Terry saddle). So if you're interested in hooking up for a ride or two, let me know.
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    Jun 2002
    Hi, I don't live in the panhandle, but I will be there at the end of June visiting my dad who lives in Navarre. I may be bringing my bike. I'd love to have someone to ride with! If you are interested, let me know, and I can contact you when I am ready to come out! You can reply here or email me at heyweg@hotmail.com




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