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    Bianchi Axis vs Lemond Propad -- Help!

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    I did post this in the "bikes" category as well -- I'm a little desperate for guidance.

    I'm seriously looking at buying one of these bikes (have a deposit on the Lemond, then rode the Axis at another bike shop and thought -- maybe -- it was more fun). Primarily I"m looking for a fast but durable commuter, but there's a chance I might try cross racing.

    I had my heart set on steel (since my aluminum Felt is very chattery and I thought the smoothness would be really nice).

    The bikes both have 105, the Axis has a triple crank (I'd rather double actually). They both weigh in around 21 lbs.

    I had first ridden the Lemond after a heavy, sluggish Redline and it felt great -- fast, smooth ride. Yesterday I tested the Bianchi, and not only did it FEEL lighter and faster (though it's not according to the scale), but more importantly it feels racy -- the handling is really quick and intuitive and fun. I went back and retested the Lemond, and the ride is indeed more forgiving, but somehow, it just didn't seem as, well, fun...

    Anyone have experience with either of these bikes, or advice of any kind? thanks!!!

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    Apr 2006
    well, i don't know much about the Axis, but you'll find there is a whole gang of Bianchi lovers here on TE (check my signature line)

    I have a veloce, and it is a real fun ride (and it's steel)
    for six tanks of gas you could have bought a bike.

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    I am with Mimi---I loooove my Bianchi (Eros Donna). I'm saving up for an '07 Eros Donna and am going to sell one of my Specialized Dolces to make room for the new Bianchi in my "stable." GO WITH THE BIANCHI---you won't be sorry.

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    I bought a CX bike this summer, so I've spent a good deal of time with my bike fitter examining many different bike geometries. I don't have the spec sheets anymore, but I think that Lemond's typically have long top tubes (I can never own one because of this). The Bianchi Axis is going to fit differently than the Lemond. I think the top tube is shorter and is much more proportionate to the typical women's figure (longer inseam, shorter torso).

    See which bike fits better. Set them up to your specs, then test ride both bikes again.
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