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    Plus Size Fit Comparison

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    For those of you who are plus size, here's a little real life feedback. I just ordered two long sleeve jerseys from the TE site, one a Terry 3X, one a SportHill 2X. On the respective size charts, they both fit the exact same measurements. Well, the SportHill fits just right (a teeny bit loose), and the Terry is bordering on too tight (quite snug, let's say). I definitely could have worn a 4X in the Terry. Ah, the joys of ordering clothes from the internet! Anyway, the upshot is that SportHill seems to have a very generous cut, so if you're worried about fit, I'd go with them.


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    I hear you. I order virtually all my cycling clothes online, too, and it can be tough to get the fit just right.

    One of the sad facts of cycling is that the clothes are tight. It makes it so much more efficient to not have clothes flapping around as you ride, but it's embarrassing to have them clinging to your belly!

    I bet if you keep riding those will be loose in no time as you lose weight.
    ~ Susie

    "Keep plugging along. The finish line is getting closer with every step. When you see it, you won't remember that you are hurting, that anything has gone wrong, or just how slow or fast you are.
    You will just know that you are going to finish and that was what you set out to do."
    -- Michael Pate, "When Big Boys Tri"



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