I've never set any specific goals other than to just ride more and improve a bit on speed, climbing and technique. In 2006 I logged about 2300 miles, but could have done much more if I hadn't started slacking off in September. Life just got in the way for many reasons.

I plan to ride Cinderella in March, Chico Wildflower in April. Maybe Strawberry Fields Forever in May. Metrics, most likely, but we'll see how I am before the Wildflower. DH is thinking of doing Climb to Kaiser this summer. I have no inclination to do this ride (way too hard for me), but will probably train with him as if I were. Climbing is my big bugaboo. I have the legs, it's the lung power I lack. Some of it may be EIA, but even with inhalers, I really slow down on hills and don't have much stamina. Need to get back to doing hill repeats once a week or so.

For the winter months I want to ride my trainer at least three days a week, do resistance training two-three days a week, and do longer rides on the weekends weather permitting. I feel as if I have to rebuild my endurance base from last summer. It's not completely gone, but last Sunday's flat 30 miles told me I need to get back to work. Looking forward to DST when I can ride after work. Doing the trainer for an hour at 5 am is no fun .