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    Spinerval Review/UC Total Body

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    Tough, in a word. It ran about 90 minutes total and there's a segment for details on proper form. I did this workout yesterday after a long day at work, so my recall isn't 100%. Please forgive any mistakes. You start out with the normal on the bike warmup and then do a warm up off the bike (arm cycles and criss-crosses). First bike set was one legged spins (6 times, each leg, for 20 or 30 seconds at small ring 15) and then super spins (4x 20 seconds at s.ring 15); off the bike to do 3 sets of 10 squat thrusts; back on the bike for tempo pace 5x2 minutes at b.ring 15 or whatever gear will get you to your LT; off the bike for my favorite 30 second of squats-20 seconds each leg lateral lunges-30 second squats-20 seconds each leg lateral lunges; back on the bike for a power set of 5 seconds standing sprints, then sit for 15 seconds sprinting all done at either b.ring 12 or 13. You do that 8 times. Off the bike for a killer core segment 30 seconds crunches/30 seconds back extensions/60 seconds bridge work, repeated 3 times. Then, I think, back on the bike for your burnout set, which I can't remember---think it started with a tempo set into super spins. It was tough. Then off the bike for burnout "dry land" set that included squat thrusts, squats, pushups, and core work. I was disappointed there were no lateral lunges! Finished with about a 5 minute on the bike cool down, which I skipped because I ran short of time. I was sore today.
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    hmmm... i may have to get this. sounds like a good workout.

    thanks for the review and detailed report!
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