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    Attn Veronica--NEW Spinveral Releases

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    Irongirl Veronica--Did you get Troy's email? They've released the two latest Ultra Conditioning workouts, and I went ahead and ordered them. If they get them out tomorrow, I might be lucky enough to have them by Saturday. I'll post a review of them as soon as possible!
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    There's also a new Spinervals coming out called On the Road. So instead of watching people on trainers you watch Troy out on the road. It looks pretty good. Got to meet Evil Troy at Interbike. He's not so evil in person!
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    That 90 minute one looks interesting. I'm having a hard time getting back in the groove. I promised myself Oct. 1... a month to get use to being back in school. I'm blaming it on Thom's crazy work schedule.

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