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    Pregnancy & Cycling

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    I'm expecting my 1st baby at the end of July. My husband & I enjoy riding our tandem during the spring & summer. We realize we'll need to modify our cycling due to my pregnancy. I was wondering if anyone could provide insight on cycling while pregnant (how long were you able to continue cycling, did you make changes to the bike, etc.). Thanks.

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    Congrats on your pregnancy!

    I rode my bike up until I was about 6 months pg and had no problems. The biggest thing was my tummy being in the way when I leaned over to reach the handle bars. I did go out and buy a gel seat for my bike which made a big difference. Also, my rides weren't that long..maybe an hour at the most. I usually rode around to do errands.

    You can find some good cycling clothes for preggies at title 9 sports (www.title9sports.com)

    have fun and good luck.



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