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    Apr 2012
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    Overwhelmed by all the short choices!

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    The only shorts I have that haven't disintegrated are old enough to drive.

    I've been looking at shorts for days it seems and I'm just overwhelmed by all the choices. I will be riding a road bike about 14 miles a day during the week, and 28 or more miles day on the weekend. I'm short and carry most of my fat in my thighs. Any recommendations for me to try?

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    Maybe a good place to start is to look for shorts with no grippers on the legs and only use a wide band of material.

    That will narrow down your choices. However shorts are so personal in choice, like saddles. What works for some, don't work for others.

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    I am really short and my favorite shorts on ones that come with shorter inseams. I called Team Estrogen and they gave me several examples. You might call them and ask for ideas.
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    I second the recommendation for shorts with the wide band at the bottom. I have found one by PI and another by LG. A great option for us without thighs of steel as they do not create the oh-so-unsightly thigh bulge. I wish they made short shorts like this but I have only seen this in the longer shorts.
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    Since you are petite, how about these?

    Here are the regular (very long) length. Many reviews to read.
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