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Thread: Polar Pool

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    Polar Pool

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    This morning at 0'dark hundred, I go to the pool to slog out some laps. The deck area was suspiciously cool, not the normal nice tropical humidity/warmth. Sit down on the deck to await the guard's ascent into her chair, and my tootsies recoiled because the pool water was cold. This made for a very unhappy group of early bird swimmers, as the outside temps reset to December yesterday.

    Insult to injury, no warm water in the showers -- it was colder than the pool water, apparently (when I heard about it, I opted to shower at home).

    I've been suffering w/a bad chest cold/bronchial infection for a week and a half. Thanks to antibiotics, I'm over the infection and the virus is waning. Even though I didn't intend to do my usual 2-mile Saturday swim, it was a bummer to have to work harder than I had planned to ward off potential hypothermia. When I got out of the water, my fingertips were BLUE.

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    It's one of the reasons that swimming during the off season is so hard for me: our gym pool is like the Arctic Ocean...brrrrr.... I know it's just an excuse, but it's a pretty good one. In the summer I like the frigid water, just not so much in the winter.
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