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    Show me your best

    Congratulations on a your great results It says a lot for their temperaments that they can go to a show once a year and enjoy it
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    "Eco Bicycle"

    if you are not racing, the Bicycle Network insurance actually gives you a higher medical value 7500 as opposed to 3000 but also gives you public liability coverage.
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    Just bought another bike

    You can also add MTB riders wearing ear buds to the "Im a dumbass" list, its not just a hiker/trail runner issue.
  4. Is it just me or does cycling in the ACT rock

    Very imaginitive, I thought you only had round-a-bouts in the ACT

    Its not a bad drive to Canberra, will probably be in the area at some point, be good to meet up with some more mustang owners
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    When to replace bar tape

    I love leather, the feel and the way it wears and ages. Ive moved brooks tape from bike to bike more than once. Ive got rolls of brooks spare but next might buy some DiPell, made in Melbourne.
  6. Sticky: Maidei goes on a world tour Part 1 of the Bicycle Mystery Tour

    Well Primelissa, Your tour looks really much amazing and im sure that you had spend great time while your tour. I have not been top such kind of places ever, So would you like tio share some names...
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    Winter 2013 stationary cycling

    I wanted to put plants in my pond, but is it too late now? Would plants like duckweed, frogbit, water hyacinth, water lettuce, etc die in the winter?
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