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  1. Thread: Durango Weekend

    by lisag

    Karen, If you come to Dgo you should take a day...

    Karen, If you come to Dgo you should take a day and ride your MTB at a place called Phil's World. It is located directly accross from the Montazuma County Fair Grounds on Hwy 160 West between...
  2. Vitamin I withdrawls

    That is a very intresting article. I have taken enough NSAIDs in my life to choke a chicken. Perhaps I will try to stick with the natruals...fish oil, Traumeel, Topricin, ice and diet to see what...
  3. Wow, thanks for the ideas !!

    I pretty much get a bad headache after longer rides of 50 ++ but not the full blown migraine vomiting action. I like the idea to take the Vit. I during the ride instead of just at the start and...
  4. "Effort Migraines" after cycling longer distances

    Does anybody else get headaches after riding? I have been getting full blown migraines about 2-3 hours after completing longer rides. The 3 that have happened this year were after the Iron Horse-50...
  5. Replies

    Aspen Snowmass Komen Ride for a Cure

    Wow,I just returned from the Aspen/Snowmass Susan Komen Ride for a Cure event and I am just now coming out of my fog from the (my first) century. It was hot, hot, ladies. This is a beautifully...
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