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    Just bought another bike...

    So... I was on vacation in Colorado recently, and I borrowed my sister's bikes when I was there. Road bike, fine, she has a Specialized Amira, which was nice, but I prefer my current ride, however...
  2. New bike :) but question about adjustments to Ultegra cables

    Hi again,

    So after posting a while back about the dilemmas involved in purchasing a new bike, I took your helpful comments to heart, especially about stiffness and comfort, and I have myself a...
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    Another advocate for the low bun here, it doesn't...

    Another advocate for the low bun here, it doesn't get in the way of my helmet, and I also wear a bandana which helps to hold everything in place. My hair is waist-length and curly, and if I don't tie...
  4. Muirenn, I looked at the bike you posted, I think...

    Muirenn, I looked at the bike you posted, I think that might be the model after mine (mine has a lovely yellow/silver colour scheme :rolleyes:) but it definitely has a scandium/aluminium frame like...
  5. Question on Gearing - More specifically 2013 Ultegra Triple vs 2014 Ultegra Compact

    Hi, So, first post here (after my introduction one in the sticky thread). Glad to have found you!

    I started road biking "seriously" this year on a second-hand bike which fits ok, but given that...
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    Sticky: Real name: Judith (Jude) Where do you live?...

    Real name: Judith (Jude)
    Where do you live? Lausanne, Switzerland (although plan to move soon to Neuchatel, CH)
    Explanation of your handle: My name, obviously, and the 39 is my jersey number for my...
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