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  1. Moved from VA to CO

    2008 I moved to Littleton/Highlands Ranch CO.

    What awesome trails!!!
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    Tosca Reno - Eat Clean

    I think with all the different books I have read on nutrition- TONS of books by the way...and in my opinion The Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno uses a great balance of foods. If you are gluten free you...
  3. Massage Therapy anyone? Please answer questions..

    Hello every one! I am now going to school for Massage Therapy. I will be done in Jan next year and begin a 6 week internship.

    I have a question for you all... if you would not mind taking a few...
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    Time to get moving....

    Weigh in: 183

    Changing my eating habits to Vegan Raw Food.
    This should be interesting...I did it a few years back, lost weight but went back to SAD (Standard American Diet) and gained it back. ...
  5. Old fashioned oats

    Rolled old fashioned quaker oats We have a water dispenser that has water heated at 175 always. All you have to do is take handful of oats in bowl and push button and fill bowl with water till the...
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    Meatballs from Sam's club- crock pot meatball hoagies

    I buy the 6lb bag of frozen Italian meatballs from sams club.Med. Crockpot1lb frozen meatballs1 jar Chili Sauce1 - 16 oz Grape jelly1/2 cup Maple syrup (pure)*Heat on high 3place about 5 meatballs on...
  7. another adjustment to look at?

    You may also get some relief if your seat gets positioned correctly? Purhaps it is positioned all the way forward and needs to be slid back?
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    True and false....True about enjoying a winter activity, I like sledding. False because it is not technically a sport.* I have tried snowboarding, it is ok, not my favorite, *I am not graceful by any...
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    My new baby (mtb)

    Monday my husband got me the bike I have had my eye on for a while.... actually to be honest, I had more than my eye on it....
    I rode it in the LBS every time we went in for something.

  10. Never too big, just the wrong size bike.

    I agree with the others, really, one is never too big to ride a bike. You always have the option of looking at used bikes, often they are not really all that used, people get things with intention to...
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    Ugh- first time weight in

    184 lbs. - My first healthy short term goal is 164. Once obtained I will make new goal 154, and then long term goal is 145.
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    Maybe he is holding off because of Christmas.* As you may already know when you are tight on money and close to a holiday it is best to hang tight.*
    OTHER AVENUE:* 1)Check out Craigs list in your...
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    Majoring in???

    Your nephew may want to think about what career, and check out where the best college reputation is for that particular job and job offers. Be bold, call Corporate offices and places where he may...
  14. Highlands Ranch is GREAT!!!

    We moved to Highlands Ranch, CO at the end of July. We are all are loving it here, making lots of friends, and we live on a cul de sac with great neighbors.
    We live close to shopping, schools,...
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    Please count me in...

    I have finally moved to Colorado and getting settled in and so seems the cold weather too....Brrrrr
    Really need to get myself under control, been spinning out for some time, and it's catching up...
  16. clipping out and looking clutzy is better than falling!

    We all have our moments, just laugh it off and be grateful you did not fall on top of it all. That to me would be far more embarrassing.
  17. work

    for work, my husband will be around 6th and Kipling in Lakewood.

    I have to look for work after we get an address and get kids all signed up for school.

    Thank you for all the trail info!! ...
  18. Littleton/Highlands Ranch CO, area here I come!

    We are going to move to the area at the end of July.
    Looking for a house on the internet is not easy, we will come out and look at houses beginning of July for a short trip to see a few we've...
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    Bride jersey


    This is a close out so the sizes available are: L, XL, XXL
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    Poll: 5'8" here

    5 ft 8 in.
    55 frame Bianchi

    I like being tall, the way I like to eat I wish I were taller :D

    I am finishing my first Body for Life Challenge after this week. 18th is my
    success day. Work...
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    Good program

    I bought it and it seems pretty good, however, I just began the Body for Life program and it is working out well for me. I plan to use Graeme's video for getting in shape too. Rotate videos to beat...
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    N.Virginia sucks!

    I am not from here and I want to get away from here!
    Bunch of hicks that can't drive, inconsiderate, go out of there way to run you off the road (that has no shoulder) P.S. If you are from this...
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    names continued...

    On your Left.... (right if your in England :p)

    Spoke 'N hot Babes

    XY Riders

    Not from Mars AND/OR

    (the NO symbol using a red tire)with an Alien Martian behind it. (Men are from Mars)
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    Building the ego of men......

    I say she is FAST too. 26 is not slow mo- Think that they are going faster to build their ego's. If this WOMAN can keep up we need to push to go even faster/harder--mentallity. Don't think they...
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    Got it!

    Now I have it, I need more money to purchase the Hammer Nutrition Supp. he encourages. I want to start of with the 7 day fat loss phase. I am however utilizing the core work out immediately. It is...
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