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  1. "Zoning out" while on a bike ride?? New cyclist

    Hi everyone, I am a new cyclist. I've been riding for 6 months and so far have completed a 34 mile event at the NC/SC border, and 2 half centuries. I absolutely love it. Many of my training rides...
  2. Thank you everyone! Emily, I had no idea there...

    Thank you everyone! Emily, I had no idea there was a model # on the tag in my shorts, but I found it! I will search that model # out tomorrow to see if O can find more of them. And I will check out...
  3. Cycling shorts recommendations with the no-grip legs

    Hi All!
    I am a new cyclist, just took up riding about 3 months ago and I love it. I was grateful to have received some gently used cycling clothes to get started, and have slowly started acquiring...
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