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  1. Sticky: memories

    Zen, thanks for the Harpers ferry pics. They bring back heaps of memories of wandering the Eastern Seaboard on me own back in my younger days.
  2. Sticky: local

    Way cool skinimini! Atlanta looks like an interesting place.

    I do have one odd question..I expected your accent to be stronger being from the Southern US..Are you a long time Atlantan or a recent...
  3. Sticky: ye

    Dee-I can give some info on what she saw in Western Australia. You'll have to PM the other ladies about Qld & NZ
  4. Sticky: n & S

    Cool photos Pip! Nice to hear you're feeling much better as well :)

    There are penguins on the North Island-(saw some really cute fairy penguins on Titiri Maitangi) & South.
  5. Sticky: ooops

    Ooops..:o:p MNZ..sorry about the rain..

    At least you can ride during the day atm over in NZ!!! If Maidei was still here she'd have to sit in the freezer to cool down...
  6. Sticky: bike

    Mnz...will you take Maidei to Woodhill or to da beach..ahhhhh :D
  7. Sticky: sun?

    Ummm...she might not see the sun in NZ either...:rolleyes: Then again...Auckland weather might surprise me...
  8. Sticky: trees

    I must mention that grass trees (aka Blackboy bushes) are really really annoying when mtn biking...The stem stumps (?) are unfriendly & not fun to run into :mad: :eek: :(

    They're on every trail...
  9. Sticky: rain

    Ummm Cyclegoddess....you might want to pay attention to the weather forecasts around the country....There was a weather warning for the Brisbane region... I heard the word "flooding"...in an ABC news...
  10. Sticky: cool

    Way cool! Funny how these things happen....

    Off topic non cycling story...Many years ago I did a Lions club exchange to Japan. My host family took me up to Tokyo n region for a lookie see...well,...
  11. Sticky: hey

    How's Maidei surviving the Australian summer?
  12. Sticky: search

    Umm..i'll have to go through the last few pages of the getting to know you thread to find the chicka in N Qld.

    me thinks it might be a better idea just to send her off to the land of the long...
  13. Sticky: 2

    There are only 2 active chickas from Brissie. I do know there's one more in Qld.. in Cairns.
  14. Sticky: more

    Lph..we have many many many many beautiful beaches in Australia :p:cool::D

    In some areas you can't swim(perhaps with a complete stinger suit but you take that chance or there are the saltwater...
  15. Sticky: km's

    Distance between Perth & Canberra-it all depends on how Maidei was transported :rolleyes: If Australia post flew her here...only 3106km. By land 3911km

    Distance from Canberra to Brisvegas-about...
  16. Sticky: heat

    I was wondering if Maidei would get to ride since it's certainly warmin up out east hey...Is the ACT under any threat in terms of bushfires?

    Tis not a good start to bushfire season :(

  17. Sticky: nz

    Cyclegoddess-you can still post the photos, just minimise them....Do you have Nero or Picture manager???

    Pip-Millienz's organizing the NZ tour, give her a heads up.
  18. Sticky: movin

    Cyclegoddess..are you ready for ms Maidei? I believe she's going to make an appearance in Canberra soon!

    Let's see, will she meet the PM :p

    BTW...the only reason Perth's so green atm is...
  19. Sticky: awww

    Trekhawk, that's so cool!
  20. Sticky: j

    *sniff* Today I left crazycanuck (good thing I don't have much clothing yet etc to pack ;)) on the next part of my journey. I met Trekhawk & will get to play in her garden for a while.

    I think my...
  21. Sticky: dirt & beyond

    Good evening, this is Maidei checking in again.

    It's been a very hot, muggy & humid week here in Perth but we still did some biking. Today, Crazycanuck took me on a short dirt ride but I had a...
  22. Sticky: Maidei goes on a world tour-Part 1 of the Bicycle Mystery Tour

    Hello this is Maidei & i started my round the world trip today. I biked along the beach..why i'm not sure :o. Perhaps it's because all tourists to Western Australia have to experience the beaches. I...
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