View Full Version : Serfas Cassina feedback

09-01-2006, 06:09 AM
Anyone out there have or had the Serfas Cassina?

I"ve measured my sit bones the best I could figure out they are 135 mm, or about 5 1/4 inches center to center. The Cassina lists as 5 1/2 wide. I dont' know if that makes it a good size? It's the best of about 6 seats I've tried so far, about $40 less than some -- and I really need to get on a seat that I can use at least for the next few months because I'm about to go on a cross state bike ride and have run out of time to keep doing the rental, trial thing! I haven't had any serious problems with it on up to 37 mile rides, and think the minor occasion of fore issues may be solved by better shorts. I have $40 Sugoi shorts that seemed good to start, but now I think they may be a tad big cuz the chamois scoots up in the front when I lean forward.

Just curious, to see if anyone else out there tried that seat.