View Full Version : Which Bike??

08-20-2006, 03:11 PM
Hi! I am a fairly new rider and I have a very interesting mountian bike. The owner before me sold the bike to my father-in-law because he had gotten into a crash on it and became paralized and is no longer able to ride. But my husband and I have been talking lately about getting me a new bike. I am liking this idea, because frankly I have felt uneasy knowing the story behind the current bike. It is still a good bike, but lately my shoulders and neck have started to hurt after riding. I am guessing that the bike is alittle small for me that is why I am having this pain.

So, I went to the bike shop today and was looking around. I looked at a 2007 Specialized Hardrock Sport. My husband use to be sponsored by Specialized, when he raced in Cali. And he has a old Hardrock. But I am not quiet sure if I should go with that one or a Giant. Those are the two brands that the shop sales. Can anyone offer any advice??