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02-03-2004, 12:03 PM
I"m brand spanking new to this...by osmosis. I'm new to biking through my daugher...she's on the U of Michigan's bike team as a newbie too. (brave girl!!!).

I would love feedback from other "older" bikers (I'm 45...46 in March...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!).

My background: I've always been in shape,(thankgoodness....to have to battle that too now with the other "usual" age related fun and games your body plays on you would not be fun!).
For the past few summers my daugher and i have biked throughout our area...and beyond on awesome trails. 70 miles is my longest ride with lots of 20's, 30's and a few 40's. Did i mention all on your basic bike...no frills, thick tires, granny styly handle bars. I figured, hey, if i can do that kind of biking...then why not see what i'm made of!

My daughter and I are now training for a "real ride"!!! BIKE AID...through global exchange. Anyone heard of it, or done it?
It's the two week west coast one. San Francisco to Tiajuana...about 600-700 miles. (YIKES).
I just got my first "real bike" as my daughter calls it. It's a Specialized, Allez. It came two weeks ago and i have an awesome trainer from "ONE-UP" a web site only trainer. I would HIGHLY recommend it. I tried my daughers fluid one and this runs circles around it.

Anyway, I have questions coming out of my ears for everyone. I was so excited to find this site and like someone said here before, you don't feel quite as stupid asking stupid questions to other women...as you would to a man!
I need to figure out how this site works and all. If anyone can help me through the learning fase of that too, it would be greatly appreciated! I did figure out how to do a posting...I think!!!!
I'l post my questions in the days to come...i don't want to bore you guys anymore!

02-03-2004, 12:14 PM
Welcome Gretchen!

I haven't done that ride. But I have biked on my own (with hubby) the Pacific Coast from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara. That section is gorgeous! We camped at state campgrounds all the way down. We trained by loading up our bikes, biking across the Santa Cruz mountains, camping for the night and then making the return trip.

Good luck and have fun!