View Full Version : Cycling Camp in Gerona, Spain

Laury Saligman
01-04-2004, 05:24 PM
I am working with Giana Roberge, former coach and manager of the Saturn Cycling Women's Team to launch a women's clinic at EuroCycler's (www.eurocycler.com) Spring Training program in Gerona, Spain. This is the same place that many of the US Postal Team members live and train. The program is geared for female cyclists with a range of abilities, from intermediate riders to aspiring racers, to get up and rolling or reach the level. This includes:

* Beachside resort
* Great food, full support, and bike rentals
* March 20-27
* Participate in as many or few of the women's seminars and drill sesions as you like

For more information drop me a note or visit: www.eurocycler.com

06-20-2004, 11:01 PM
Hey thanks for the info. I've been watching The Outdoor Life Network's prep for the Tour de France and they went to Spain (following Lance of course) to show all the riders training. They also showed Lance's Spanish apartment (and him playing house with Sheryl Crow).

Anyhow the countryside looked beautiful and it would be a great place to cycle.

Tour fans check out OLN. It's getting close.