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10-02-2001, 09:13 PM
I plan on riding from Mt. St. Helens back to Missoula, Montana and then north this next May or June. What I need is information and suggestions about routes, places to see, where to camp, and of course any ideas about weather (and best times to avoid serious rain). I plan to tent and hostel as possible, so any ideas there are much appreciated!

If you know of any scenic places that definitely should not be missed, please let me know. I'll probably be going alone and figure about 50-60 miles per day with changes made as interest goes. I try to not make hard plans but just follow my nose instead - much more interesting that way, and it's really kind of amazing what you can stumble into at times.

Anyway, any help is much appreciated, and if I can, I'd be delighted to return the favor!

11-18-2002, 07:00 PM
Hello! How did it go? I just found and joined this forum this week. I read your post and I'm curious to know how it went. Was your ride from Mount Saint Helens to Missoula good? My husband and I were in Missoula this past July. We had a great time. We rode our mountain bikes at the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area and had a blast! We also did a long road ride on our road bikes from my hubby's home town of Havre (we were back for his 30th high school reunion) to Great Falls! Would love to hear about your epic summer ride! :)