View Full Version : Anyone ever custom tailored their chamois?

07-23-2006, 01:23 PM
After trying on a couple of shorts at the shop and then my old ones that worked pretty well but are falling apart, I think I just need a longer portion of the padding to stay narrow. After trying on some others, I think the flair begins too early and that makes it push up into me. Where else is the extra fabric to go?

Rather than toss a brand new ridden in twice pair of PI's, I thought I'd take the chamois off and just cut the darn thing down. It looks like a pain to do, but totally doable.

Has this worked for any of you?

07-23-2006, 03:18 PM
I bet a good seamstress could do it for you.

I have a friend who hated the chamois in her team shorts, but was required to wear them for training and racing. She took her favorite chamois from her old shorts and had it stitched into the team shorts. Actually, she had a seamstress do it, but you know what I mean.

07-25-2006, 05:04 AM
I've removed a chamois from a pair of shorts, very carefully, but haven't sewed one back in. I think you could cut a chamois down, you'd have to stitch around it to neaten the cut edges. As for sewing it back in, I think it would be smart to hand stitch it roughly in place first before overstitching with a machine, so that you avoid bunching and overlapping of the shorts fabric - you'd need to be rotating the garment as you stitched around, it could get very messy. But I agree, i think it's doable.

08-09-2006, 11:36 AM
I dealt with something similar - was doing a triathlon and wanted the chamois padding for the bike but didn't want to do a long run with this diaper feeling. If you are like me, you have more clothes and shorts than absolutely necessary - so I unstiched a good chamois from a less favorable pair of bike shorts. I secured it in place with velcro into my running tights- so that when I was done with the bike and back in transition, I reached in, and pulled the chamois out. I used the velcro that applies with a sticky side versus sewing in the velcro. Worked like a charm.