View Full Version : Anyone in Cypress have good ideas for roads to ride on?

Tri Girl
07-17-2006, 05:28 PM
Hey you Texas gals,
I'll be visiting my sister in Houston/Cypress area next week, and I'm training for my Ironman in Sept. I can't forego training, and will need to ride about 30-50 miles each day while I'm there. She's not a cyclist, so is not much help in helping me locate places to ride. Do you have any ideas for roads/areas to cycle? She lives right off of 290. If there are any local cycling club websites I can go to to get info I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks ladies!

07-17-2006, 07:01 PM
I live further north (The Woodlands), so don't have many route ideas. I used to live over there a couple years ago, but I wasn't doing much cycling then. I know there's a marked bike lane on FM 529, and I think Barker Cypress has some nice shoulders, IIRC. It's gotten pretty high-traffic in the last few years, though. There may be a way to take 529 all the way out to Katy and hook up with some of the Katy Flatland route (http://www.northwestcyclingclub.com/club/rides/KFC%202006/2006%20KFC%20Map%20w-o%20background2.pdf)--I rode that charity ride this weekend, and there are some nice roads out that way.

When I did a ride with my church group for a while this spring, we left from the Target at 290 & Spring Cypress, went out the back way to Cypress-Rosehill, took that to FM2920, took a right and hit Telge, took that to Grant, then took Grant back to Cypress-Rosehill back to the Target. That route was about 20 miles. It was low traffic most of the time, but 2920 is the only road on that route with a good shoulder/bike lane and we were only on it for a mile or so. You could possibly extend the loop either direction on 2920, but I'm not terribly familiar with it west of Tomball. I know it goes all the way to 290, but I'm not sure what the cycling conditions would be, or if there would be any loopable roads that direction. If you go east through Tomball, then you're getting into my stomping grounds. :)

You might try contacting Northwest Cycling club (http://www.northwestcyclingclub.com)for routes in that area. I hear their Saturday ride is excellent. You could also try stopping by Northwest Cyclery at 290 & Jones. They're the primary sponsor for the club, and would probably have someone there who could give you some direction.
Hope this helps!

Tri Girl
07-17-2006, 07:29 PM
Thank you so much for the VERY helpful information Amelia!! I appreciate all the great input. I'll check into the routes you suggested, and may even stop by the NW Cyclery when I get into town. I really thank you for your help! :)

07-17-2006, 07:56 PM
I live in this area & I would agree that checking out Northwest Cyclery's route would be a good place to start. You can find the route map online (http://www.northwestcyclingclub.com/club/clubinfo/maps/The%20Map%20NWCC.pdf) or I'm sure someone at the shop could help you out.

You might also check w/Bike Barn - located at FM 529 and Hwy 6. From what I understand, they have a route map that starts from that location & takes you around the northwest part of town. I'm not familiar with the route, but I have friends that have ridden it & said it wasn't bad.

I've also ridden from the Target on 290 & Spring Cypress, but we went south on Fry Rd to the high school (where the shoulder ends north of 529) and then we took Horse & Hahl Rd. from Fry all the way out to Katy Hockley Cut-Off. This road (H&H) had very minimal traffic (saw maybe 3 cars in both directions), but a few rough sections of road (old country road). Round trip was approx. 30 miles to do both.

Tri Girl
07-18-2006, 05:11 AM
Thanks TxRider! Again, VERY helpful information. You gals are the best! It'll be nice to have more than one route to ride, as I'll be riding almost every day. I like to explore new places while on my bike, so having a couple good routes will keep things interesting. Thanks again!!! :)