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11-05-2003, 07:59 PM
Unfortunately, it's the time of year again when we have to think about layering on the clothing in order to ride. I'm wondering what everyone wears when the winds start to blow and the temps dip below freezing. Do you like a silk underlayer or a man-made fabric next to your skin? What about breathable, but warm tights? Jerseys? Jackets? How do you keep your face and head warm? Feet? Hands? This would be a good time to share strategies. I hope to get out this weekend, but I think the highs are going only going to be in the 30's (F). Brrr!

Or do you stay inside when it gets that cold? ;)

11-07-2003, 05:23 AM
You have the right idea, light, breathable layers.

Winter basics in my cycling drawer include:

Base layer tops (sleeveless and long-sleeved). I like the synthetics. You can find inexpensive at campmor.com and sierrratradingpost.com

Ear-bands(cover those ears!)

Arm warmers

Kneewarmers or knickers

Full-fingered wind-block gloves

Wool socks

Toe covers

Vest (actually I think the jackets (http://www.teamestrogen.com/products.asp?pID=7872) with zip-off sleeves are a great idea).

When the temps really drop add:

Fleece wind-block tights



Neoprene booties (shoe covers)

Long-sleeved thermal jersey

Full jacket (with sleeves).

11-07-2003, 12:37 PM
All great advice, pedalfaster! Over the years, I have collected all that stuff. I guess I should have been more specific in my questions...... such as, what brands do you prefer? Do you think some are better than others at breathability? I usually find that no matter what I put on, I sweat and then when you stop riding, a chill sets in very quickly.

Does anyone have the winter shoes, made specifically for cold weather riding? If so, do you find that they keep your feet warmer than shoes and neoprene shoe covers? The shoes are pretty expensive but might be worth it if they are as effective as advertised. I have wimpy feet! The rest of me is always fine, but my toes do not like temps below freezing!

When I was searching for a winter cycling jacket, I had a terrible time finding one that met all the qualifications I was looking for. Wind-blocking, breathable, and BRIGHTLY colored! It seemed that all the womens' jackets were in muted colors, very pretty, but not very visible to motorists when riding out on the road. I finally ended up ordering from TE, getting a red/black Giordana windtex jacket. It was a great purchase. It breathes well, keeps me plenty warm and is bright enough to be seen. It took me a lot of searching to find it, tho'. And I wondered all the time why womens' jacket are made for looks instead of visibility. I'm not sure what that says..........

Okay, so I rambled on enough. Time to put on the layers and get out there! It was 35 yesterday when I went out, but the sun was shining and as soon as I got to the first hill, it was plenty warm. Should be the same today.