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06-30-2006, 04:49 PM
Following the success of the critically acclaimed SURFING’S GREATEST MISADVENTURES: DROPPING IN ON THE UNEXPEXTED (recently well reviewed by the L.A. Times), Casagrande Press is pursuing submissions for the forthcoming title CYCLING’S GREATEST MISADVENTURES


General Guidelines
Casagrande Press is seeking submissions for the forthcoming book Cycling’s Greatest Misadventures. The press is looking for quality nonfiction stories about cycling mishaps, disasters, deaths, comical pranks, crashes, bad judgment calls, misfortune, contest meltdowns, strange injuries, loss of wit, critical conditions, bike trips gone wrong or “non-riding episodes” that surround or embody the cycling experience. The editor seeks well-written stories that tell a good tale, reflect a culture, and develop the depth of the characters involved. Open to writers and riders of any level and discipline.

What kind of cycling?
The publishers will take stories that involve riding any kind of bicycle including: road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, beach cruisers, stationary/training bikes, unicycles, etc.

Writers will be paid upon publication, if their story is selected for publication. The press will pay on a per word basis for previously published stories and more for stories that have not previously been published. Writers will retain copyright and ownership of published stories.

The deadline for submission is September 30, 2006.

Postal Submission:
Send mail submissions to:
Casagrande Press
4316 36th Ave W #C
Seattle, WA 98188-1333

Include the following with your submission:
1) Your address, phone number, and email should appear on the first page of your story.
2) Prior publication information should also appear on the first page, i.e., if the story has been published list the name of the publication, volume number, issue number and date.
3) Reprints, photocopies, or digital files of any images that go with the story (do not send original photographs or slides).
4) SASE. Include self-addressed stamped envelope with your submission. Note: If you would like Casagrande Press to return your manuscript, include an envelope with correct postage.

Email submissions
Send email submissions to both of the following addresses: casagrandepress@aol.com and schweikh@yahoo.com

Include the following with email submissions:
1) Your name, phone number and email should appear on the first page of the story.
2) Include any digital images (better to imbed these in the word document than to send them as a separate attachments.
3) Prior publication should also appear on the first page, i.e., if the story has bee published list the name of publication, volume number, issue number and date.

Email: casagrandepress@aol.com or schweikh@yahoo.com
or call Paul Diamond
(206) 388-3793
or Erich Schweikher
(208) 724-6941
Between 9am and 5pm PT