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10-10-2003, 08:07 PM
I know this might be a silly question, but is there a particular way that jerseys should fit? I guess, basically, should they be tight? I haven't worn one yet- just using plain old t-shirts, but I don't want to look like any more of a newbie than I have to. Is it okay if they are loose around the middle, or does that defeat the purpose of wicking the sweat away? Thanks for all your help.

P.S. I've been riding for about a month now (mt bike) and am having tons of fun. I only wish I'd bought my bike in spring, so that I'd have all summer to ride. Earlier this week I officially took my first fall, gouging my leg on the chainring. I guess I've been initiated! :D

10-13-2003, 03:26 AM
Hi Bayleigh

I'm a roadie so usually try and go for a nice snug fit, but not too tight otherwise it's hard to get your hands in the back pockets, as well as showing up those areas you might think 'need more work'! :p

If it fits snuggly and comfortably rather than 'tight' it will wick better and you'll stay warmer as you won't have a acre of fabric billowing around you, to get caught on branches and brambles.

However, don't worry too much. I'd certainly go for some kind of cycling jersey, rather than a T shirt as the material is better, and you get pockets on lots of them ( see Team Estrogen - there's LOAD of them). But if you don't feel happy with mega sleek go for something with a little give:D Whatever you feel happy with...

10-13-2003, 04:19 AM
Thanks for the response. Now I can go shopping and know that I'm looking for snug, not tight, not billowy. The only riders I know are men and they all told me "tight- no such thing as too ight..." ;)

10-13-2003, 04:57 AM
The only riders I know are men and they all told me "tight- no such thing as too ight..."

LOL - men eh! Short and tight always seems to be a fave;)

Good luck jersey shopping. If you can find some with female specific cut they tend to fit better, otherwise you can sometimes pick up smaller sized mens jerseys in the bargain bin.

10-13-2003, 05:30 AM
I second the notion of trying to find a women's specific jersey. I have some jerseys a guy friend of mine didn't want anymore and honestly I can't wear them (even though they are they same size I wear-only in mens) because they are WAY to long in the torso which means they bunch up in the middle when I ride-- making me look like I have a big bump in my stomach (and I don't need any help making me look like I have a big belly ;))

Happy Shopping!!