View Full Version : Boeshield T-9: I take back what I said

06-25-2006, 06:04 AM
Ok, so the bottle should say "allow to dry for 2 weeks" rather than "allow to dry for 2 hours." But other than that, it's cool.

Tried to give myself a chain ring tattoo, not happenin'. Ran a rag over the chain, very little goop. Mostly just dirt came off. And the chain is shiney. No wads of goop on the gear teeth, either.

Doesn't chatter like White Lightning.

Haven't ridden in the rain with it yet. (can you believe it? No rain for DAYS! and it doesn't look like it's gonna rain today, either! folks around here start getting crabby if we go too long with sunshine, really, I'm not kidding.)

I'm not convinced Boeshield is the be-all end-all of the universe, but it is acceptable. When this bottle is gone I'll probably try something else. The guys and gals at LBS use Prolink. Might give that a try.

06-25-2006, 12:32 PM
I like Purple Extreme. A little goes a long way, which is good because it's not cheap. When I was using Prolink, seemed like I had to lube the chain a lot more often.

06-25-2006, 02:36 PM
I've been using the Boeshield for about 2 months now. Normally, I let it set overnight and wipe off the chain right before my ride. I find if I let it set overnight, my chain stays cleaner longer and it's a much smoother ride. I've used ProLink (as well as others), and so far, I've gotten the best results with ProLink & Boeshield, but as mickchick said, I too lube more often with ProLink. I'd still recommend it though as it has a smooth ride as well.