View Full Version : Fizik Rondine - Ouch!

Bad JuJu
06-22-2006, 03:21 PM
I rode 20 miles on a new Fizik Rondine today, and by about mile 15 I was ready to yank that saddle off and do the rest of the ride standing up. It felt OK while I was seated, but when I got out of the saddle to climb a little, oooh, the pain--right in the crease of my upper thigh--you know, where the edge of your underwear would be if you were wearing underwear. Holy mackerel, did it ever hurt! And hurt again when I stood a little later to stretch my back, and hurt yet again when I dismounted at the end of the ride. I never had a saddle hurt me like that.

It's too bad really, because there are things I like about this saddle. For example, my butt felt really good. Also the nose is not too wide. And the gel cushion for the bits seemed to work pretty well. Of course, I say all this with only 20 miles on the saddle, so who knows what a longer ride would bring? I'll never find out because I don't intend to have this pain again.

So, the search continues.....