View Full Version : Not so Sweet Ride post Tuneup?

06-13-2006, 11:10 AM
So ~ HD got a new bike a few months ago. And, I got his nearly-new Tirreno Razza 1000. I can't be out in public w/ this bike w/out getting comments "Oh, must a' been down at Performance & got a New Bike!" is the standard. Even the guys in the shop drool over it when I bring it in. So, I guess it's a Sweet Ride.

Anyway, I got fit on this bike. It is a noticable improvement over my previous wheels. But, it's not All That, if you know what I mean? She's noisy, the top gear won't shift into the big ring unless I mash on it or tap it twice. Rear shifting tends to sound like a grandfather clock winding up. The breaks sound like they're hissing, and I have to really cramp down - I still feel my breaking distance is longer than on my old bike.

The kicker - all this is After my full tuneup last weekend! Shouldn't it feel better? Shouldn't it shift & sound like a New Bike? :confused:

06-13-2006, 11:18 AM
Are you sure they did the tune-up???


06-13-2006, 11:49 AM
I also got my bike tuned-up recently but I think we had such a long discussion over whether we should change the chain and rear cogs or not that he forgot to tune up the rear derailleur, which was badly in need or realignment. I know he did my brakes though because they carry his signature adjustment (he does not adjust the front and rear brake the exact same way).

I discovered the rear derailleur misalignment on my first ride now that I have left home for the summer.

That mechanics is a family friend and a great guy whom I have a hard time paying for his services. He also charges near-cost for new equipment. I won't give him a hard time for this, I'll just try to get to a bike shop in this area and get it realigned. I like doing my own brakes, but for some reason I am less patient with the derailleur (also is a pain to do without a stand).

So: go back to the store and get it fixed!!

06-13-2006, 01:00 PM
I agree with Nanci and Grog. Last year I took the Marin to LBS for a pre-triathlon tuneup. Picked it up, didn't ride it the day before the race. The 28 miles of bike part of the race were not great. A skipping feeling with the gears, shifting problems, the whole thing felt loose and wrong. I took it back in--they'd forgotten to do some vital piece (I can't remember what). From now on, I ride my bike around several blocks and shift a lot after a tune-up before I pay them. You definitely should feel better than that on a tuned-up bike.

06-13-2006, 03:14 PM
What they all said!

My bike had some issues with the derailer and shifting... for MONTHS and MONTHS!

I kept taking it back to the shop... and they would keep it and then say, "It's fixed". It wasn't fixed.

I honestly thought my bike could never be fixed. I had seriously given up hope on using the big ring ever again.

Then, a guy on a ride took me to see his mechanic. Guess what? My bike got FIXED RIGHT! It took a few more months of adjusting the derailer to get everything just perfect, but my bike finally shifts properly and I can use ALL the gears!

I would suggest taking it to another mechanic.