View Full Version : Touring Overall

06-10-2006, 09:11 PM
In prep for my trip back east I started changing out some of my lighter, fancy stuff on Fluffy for sturdier bits. Poor bike looks a little funny right now. He's got our extra regular spoked wheel on the back, sporting a new cassette and chain, and a Speedblend tire. But I still have a Ksyrium on the front. I'll be trading wheels with Thom and he'd like to keep his commute tires on as long as possible. We changed out all the brake pads today. I'm back to an 8 speed cassette - 12 - 28, instead of 11 - 27. I actually notice the difference when I'm climbing between a 27 and a 28 :p and prefer to have a 28.

I learned how to put on and take off the trailer. And how to park the bike with it. I was riding up and down our street and Thom was concerned that I would cut the u turns too tightly. I told him it's kind of like riding the tandem by yourself. You just give yourself lots of extra room.

So, I still need to change the pedals. I won't do that until I'm done commuting. I need to put the handlebar bag holder thingamingjig on. And of course change the front wheel.

It's kind of cool that I have a bike that I can switch things around on and use for double centuries or loaded touring. And it's a bike I love to ride so much!