View Full Version : Mini-mini adventure...cycling brings out the best...

04-07-2006, 07:18 AM
We just about got blown away SUnday night with 70 mph winds... and Monday things were still puffing away at 30-35 mph. I decided my garbage could wait another week, and my Xtracycle *begged* me not to take the car - what's a little wind on that long wheel base? Besides, I'm going through town, which will block things...
So there were just a few trash cans rolling around in the streets like some kind of bizarre video game graphics. The round ones were dutifully spiraling in the gutters and curbs, but a cavernous square monstrosity was quivering in the middle of Washington street, requiring all kinds of avoidance reactions.
I pulled over preparing to dash out and reel it in, just as a school bus approached from the other direction, instantly sized up the scene, stopped and put those flashers on, all traffic stopped, the guy in the first car made as if to retrieve it but I beat him :-), placed the plastic safely against a tree on the other side of the road, and they *stayed* stopped until I came *back* across to my bike, and we continued our commute. Good morning!
... It never would have happened without the bike.