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Running Mommy
03-19-2006, 07:07 PM
Hey All-
I received a nutrition DVD from powerbar as part of Ironman. It has some really great nutrition info on it. Lance, Chris Carmichael, Brandi Chastain, Peter Reid, and some other athletes are featured talking about nutrition and hydration.
I would be happy to "loan" it to anyone who would like to check it out. Of course I say "loan" because ultimately I'd like to keep it in my collection. Also I'm sure there is more than one person on this site that would prolly like to check it out. So I'd like to be able to pass it around like a library book. Since it's copyrighted material I don't feel comfortable burning disks to pass out.
But if you would like to borrow it to check it out, let me know.
Of course it is a powerbar thing, so it's heavily branded. But the info seems solid.