View Full Version : Tri Report-yet another oops!!

03-13-2006, 01:56 AM

I participated in the BRW corporate Tri series here yesterday and had a bit of fun...(with an oops..)

Each company could enter teams of 3 with each doing one leg or teams of three doing a whole sprint tri each. I chose to do a whole sprint tri.

The weather was boooooteaful yesterday, not too hot though!! Admittedly i did forget sunscreen..my first oops. I expected the conditions to be smooth yet a bit windy.

On my leg, i had a horrible swim. I was freaked out by the waves, which were medium due to the wind and had to swim on my side plus breast stroke plus freestyle most of the 400m's. I swallowed more of the lovely swan river & had a nice dirt goatee upon exiting the water. (Same location as the city of perth tri but no cuts this time.)

The bike leg. I figured out today that i cheated...i only did 5km's istead of 10k. I didn't look at my odometer when i neared the transition..really. Because I couldn't hear the announcer at the beginning I didn't know it was two laps!!!OOps..:o

I felt pretty good on the run although i started off a bit slow. At the turnaround point I decided to mozy my little legs & push myself. My run time was 20min for a 4km run. (when we last did a timed run during training, i did 4km in 22min.)

I'll post a pic of my dirt goatee when i figure out where my dear stored them on the puter.


03-13-2006, 02:55 AM
Hey, CC,

4K in 20 min, that's great time to me! Too bad about the laps on the bike. At least you had less sun exposure time! :p When I did the Leaning Tower Y sprint last year, it was 5 laps on the bike. I put 5 strips of colored tape on my handle bars, and tore one off every time I finished a lap. I didn't trust myself to keep track any other way. Looking forward to the pictures--I'm sure a dirt goatee is very fetching on you. :rolleyes: L.