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05-27-2016, 06:27 PM
Pretty slow in this forum so let me help it out. ;)


ny biker
05-27-2016, 08:15 PM
Nice! Love the color. I hope you enjoy many happy miles with it!

north woods gal
05-28-2016, 08:46 AM
Please tell us more.

I got to ride a trike, last year, for the first time and, have to say, it was fun. It was an old trike I found at a pawn shop and they let me take it for a test ride. Since I don't buy wheels without doing some research, went home to get more info, but by the time I got back to the shop, the trike was gone.

Plus one on the color, too. I love brought happy colors. :)

05-28-2016, 10:12 AM
That's a nice trike, and the trunk addresses my concerns about sitting so low in traffic, you could light that up like the 4th of July.

05-28-2016, 12:33 PM
Beautiful, have fun with it!

05-28-2016, 04:38 PM
That's a nice trike, and the trunk addresses my concerns about sitting so low in traffic, you could light that up like the 4th of July.

That's what lot of people say about recumbent trikes and velomobile. Yet all seem to be able to see the stripes on the ground and many will yell at a rider saying you are too friggin low to the ground. If they couldn't see you, then how can they yell at the rider?

Not trying to start an argument, just pointing out things noticed by velomobile riders and trike riders. BTW, I have this very gaudy flashy flag with whirly thing on my heavy tank trike.

05-28-2016, 04:59 PM

As far as being low to the ground - what I would worry about is *seeing,* not being seen. When I was riding there were a couple of 'bent riders who'd come on our group rides, and they'd constantly be running over potholes that they couldn't see until they were right on top of them. :( Even though the one guy whose bike had a 700c rear wheel, and his head was actually higher than mine on my diamond frame bike when we were side by side, I guess the angle of his eyes plus the fact that his legs are out in front of him, made it difficult to see the road ahead.

05-31-2016, 02:05 PM
Beautiful trike! How do you like those bar end shifters? My Gekko has twist shifters, and I'm finding it a little hard on my wrists to shift in the front.

06-23-2016, 01:34 PM
Hi! Sorry to be late on replying...I've been busy. ;) Thanks for all the comments on the color...I love it! I'm still working out flags/lights, but they will be mostly for fun as I ride 99.9% bike paths at this point. I do use a couple blinky lights for my .3 mile road to the path. I really don't mind the bar end shifters other than accidentally bumping them when folding the trike up to transport or store. Learning to check that out first thing, though, so it's getting better than having the chain fall off the big ring every time.

I'm guessing 10 people have tried the trikes out (we both got one, the other is orange) and everyone loves them. I love it. It's very comfortable and I love always having a "chair" if I need a rest along the path. I've changed my handlebars around for better hand/arm position, taken the pad off the seat for better air flow, and moved the bottle holder to a vertical position that's easier to grab. I'm thinking of putting a bladder in my trunk bag and ditching bottles altogether.

If you get a chance, try one out...you won't regret it. :)

north woods gal
06-25-2016, 09:56 AM
Thanks, Michelle

I have been periodically plagued with pinched nerves in my back when logging the big miles on my road bikes, so have kept recumbents/trikes in the back of my mind as an option, hoping that these bikes would let me keep riding. Yes, I have heard all the pros and cons on these bikes, but can see some real advantages beyond the pinched nerve thing. One would be grocery shopping, especially with the trike. Used to have my panniers so loaded to the gills with groceries on my MTB that things got wobbly. :)

07-01-2016, 06:07 AM
Much harder to wobble on a trike, no doubt!

07-08-2016, 10:48 PM
And you can climb a steep hill at any speed you want without falling over. :D If you want, you can climb at snails pace of 1MPH or less.

I should have gotten a catrike pocket. I may get it one day. Even at my height of 5' 4" or so, the boom on the pocket needs to be cut down by about an inch. :(

09-05-2017, 09:59 PM
Much harder to wobble on a trike, no doubt!

Hey! You could ride drunk and not fall over!

Nice bike. :p