View Full Version : Free Thermal Jacket and shoes for packing and shipping costs only

06-07-2015, 01:00 PM
The following is available for the cost of packing/shipping only. If I don't hear from anyone in a couple of weeks I will likely toss the shoes and donate the jacket to my church's yard sale next month.

I've a wonderful PI Thermal Jacket (black and red) - sadly the only picture I have is in this profile picture below. It is an XL and is in perfect condition. It is also, sadly, MUCH too large. It was just as over-sized in the picture, but it wasn't such a big deal on the bike as I could cover layers, Camelbak, etc. Now that I can no longer ride, it is too large even for hiking. As I recall it was quite expensive, and I figured if there isn't anyone here who can use it, that someone may know someone who can use it next winter. Nice and lightweight, it would be great as a top layer for hiking as well. You can see from the arms in the picture just how large it was on me - it did fit better when I was learning how to ride that first Jan/Feb in the dead of winter. Regardless of size, I think it was designed for a woman taller than I am, at 5'3 the TOP of the pocket in the back hits me below my butt. I don't think that is all from my weight loss.


The shoes were always small for me, and are size 8 Mavic Scorpios (2010 model). Frog pedals are installed, though I am sure SPD pedals would fit as well. These were used for several years so they aren't perfect, but markings are cosmetic in nature only - nothing structurally unsound, though I would replace the insoles. They are great shoes and were also expensive. II was unsure if anyone would be interested in having these, but the price is right. Given my injury history - and that I only used them for road riding due to never clipping in on the mountain bike, they were probably only ridden for 700-1,000 miles. The cosmetic markings are from tip-overs and crashes from doing silly things clipped in. You can see them in the first picture as well, see how se*y they are with toe covers? :cool: They were fine in the winter with my PI Amfib shoe covers...


06-10-2015, 04:15 PM
The jacket is spoken for - the shoes are still up for grabs.