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05-26-2014, 12:59 PM
Today is Memorial Day, and thus, the Memorial Day Murph Workout with my former crazy coach and group, in honor of a soldier who fell in action, also known as Murph the Protector workout. The workout is substantial and the full version consists of:

Run 1 mile (Rowed 800 meters) - has to be completed all at once

The following 3 exercises can be split/divided as desired
100 Pullups (I did 50 TRX racked rows - face under the anchor point)
200 Pushups (100 band-assisted pushups - assists the core)
300 Squats (COULD have done all of these, but can't mix it up that way - deep air squats only)

Run another mile (Rowed 800 meters)-has to be completed all at once

My shoulder isn't up to 200 pushups OR 100 pullups, so I completed the "Half" Murph which is, well, half of everything and I rowed rather than run as my hammie is complaining. LAST year I completed the full workout, but looking back I think my reps were half-azzed in my attempts to get through everything. Given my shoulder condition, especially a year ago, there is NO way that I could have possibly completed 200 pushups. LAST year we also had taken it on the road and did the workout at a Crossfit box that a former group/training member had just opened two weeks or so before. The atmosphere there made it very easy to fall into that trap.

THIS year I chose to focus on quality reps and doing things intentionally and properly. After all, this workout is done for those who can no longer do it and out of respect for those I know in the military. I chose the "half-Murph" option, only two of us did so. Also, I LOVE my kettlebell lifting and the progress that I am seeing - so am not about to do something stupid that might injure my shoulder. Hard to work with kettlebells with an injured shoulder...

The workout went much better than expected, in retrospect I COULD have completed the full Murph, but it would have taken me much longer than those around me. The funny part is that I thought, for some reason, that I was done after completing only 5 rounds of 5 TRX racked rows, 10 pushups, and 15 squats and proceeded to the Concept 2 Rower. After rowing 600ish meters it dawned on me that I had only only completed 5 rounds out of 10, so I got back after it. I decided to "pretend" that I hadn't already rowed those 600ish meters so afterwards I rowed another 800. Seemed only fair!

Very glad I did it this year, even if I "only" did the Half-Murph. I would much rather do half of it intentionally than the full thing sloppily!

Oh yes, it is about 6 hours later and am finally enjoying my "token" Memorial Day beer. I am more than a little tipsy, but that is what happens when someone who only has a couple beers a month drinks a 9.5% alcoholic content beer. I love the Founder's Curmudgeon, even if it does knock me on my azz the rare times I have one :cool:

06-30-2014, 04:53 PM
Yay, another Crossfitter!!! Haven't done Murph in over a year. Need to get back to it.

Nature punishes the specialist.

07-08-2014, 11:27 AM
Yay, another Crossfitter!!! Haven't done Murph in over a year. Need to get back to it.

Nature punishes the specialist.

I do the Murph around Memorial Day, but I don't Crossfit. I am involved in Kettlebell (GS) Sport instead. There are a couple of CF workouts I do occasionally for cross-training and this is one of them.