View Full Version : Chamois that don't creep Down There?

02-10-2006, 09:24 PM
DH and I do a lot of road riding, with spinning off season. So far my fav shorts have been PI Ultrasensor, but even with that on longer rides (or even in spinning) they tend to creep into a very uncomfortable frontal wedgie ~ yikes! I have two pair in different sizes, so I'm certain that isn't the cause.

I'd love to find a short that doesn't have a seam going down the front center, as that seems to cause additional probs. Or, a chamois that overcomes that?

I've searched thru the posts in this forum, haven't found any that address this issue :confused: ~ quite embarassing to deal with.


02-11-2006, 01:09 AM
Nokomis, welcome to the forums. There's a thread called "Getting to know you" where you can introduce yourself and say hi. :)

Now back to your question.

Have you tried the PI microsensor 3D shorts? I've got a pair of the ultrasensor shorts which I hate. I keep them for when I've been lazy and haven't done wash yet but I truly dislike them. After an hour and half to two hours they're just incredibly uncomfortable. However, I've not had this problem with the microsensor 3D shorts. Unfortunately the microsensor shorts are more expensive so purchasing a pair to see if they work for you isn't an inexpensive option but the chamois is (in my opinion) superior.

Performance also has a pair of shorts with a chamois that I personally found to be very comfortable. However my husband doesn't let me wear them unless I have something covering them. As he says they leave very little left to the imagination. :o That pair typically gets used during the rainy winter here since they're covered by my rain pants. I'll look at them later when I won't wake him to see if they have any labelling on them that state which shorts they are.


02-11-2006, 06:57 AM
Nokomis, I'm the complete opposite. I love the ultrasensor but don't like the microsensor. I also experienced your problem last year when I bought a new bike with a different saddle. All it took was a little adjustment by tilting the nose of the saddle down. It took a few rides to get it just right but now I have no problems. So you might want to check out your saddle position.

02-11-2006, 07:43 AM
I have a pair of Giordana with their 3D OF chamois pad,


as well as a brand new pair of Nalini with Stretch gel pad. Both stay shapely. Give them a try....


Make that 2 Giordana if you count the tights.

02-11-2006, 09:19 AM
Thanks for the ideas ~ I'll have to see how many our local Performance shop carries & at least start with that.

Once weather clears I'll try adjusting my saddle as well. However, the spin bikes are sadly lacking in adjustability, and even those with a flat to down angle result in the same issue.