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06-12-2003, 06:56 PM
Any other Minnesota womyn around? I'm in Minneapolis, which I rate okay if smelly to ride in summer, and deathly in winter if there's any appreciable snow. I'm fine riding down to 15-20 Fahrenheit (frozen boobs and butt, whee) if there's no real wind. But the traffic and narrowing, snowy streets make it rough for those not hardcore icebikers.

And I think we really need more bike lockers and cycle-commuter-friendly businesses.

I'm not happy that the Old Cedar bridge got closed off. The next bike/ped-friendly river crossing is at least 5 more miles either direction. And one of those (169/18/whatever it's called now) is often flooded. And the other is that flat-a-thon of freeway debris that never gets swept. Grrr.

Anyone know of any casual womyn's group rides around here? Ye olde Google search gave me nothing, so I'm hoping the cool womyn's clubs are simply not online yet.

07-01-2003, 07:58 PM

I too am from MN, but the other (better) side of the river ;) I ride with a great group of women on Tuesday nights--we ride out of the Birchwood Cafe which is located in Mpls. near the river between Lake St. and the U. They sponsor a bike team as well, but the women rides are pretty casual. We ride 16-19 mph or so for about 2+ hours. None of us are racers (yet ;)), just a bunch of women who like to ride together. They also sponsor a Sunday "coffee ride" which is both men and women and which leaves Sunday mornings from the Birchwood. It moves at about the same speed as the women's ride--both are no drop rides..check out their website for all the details http://www.birchwoodcafe.com/biketeam/

Happy Riding!!

07-02-2003, 06:48 AM
There is a group in Central Minnesota that has group rides every week. Tuesday's are Road Rides in the St. Cloud area. Wednesday's are MTB rides mainly in Elk River, Monticello, Milaca and occasionaly St. Cloud. Thursday's they have Road Time Trials in St. Cloud.
It's a GREAT group. Although I will have to admit there aren't always that many women. But I'd LOVE to see that change!!
Here is the website http://www.porkchopracing.org

07-16-2003, 08:40 AM
Ooh, info! :D Thanks muchly, Tinkerbell and Esther. I might check out the Birchwood sometime. Sometime when I'm in better shape. ;) The Central stuff sounds like lots of fun, too, but my carless self can't quite haul that far. Still good to know.