View Full Version : I have no excuses now :)

09-06-2012, 10:06 AM
I just had my second physical assessment by my group trainer, he likes to do them about every 3 months. There was improvement in all areas outside of my shoulder and he thinks he has THAT finally figured out. Still managed to press 80 pounds which is a personal best, doesn't matter it was only for 4 reps!

I had hoped that I could break my own plank record of 4:39, had to stop at 4:38. I won't quibble over 1 second, didn't break it but that is still seriously cool :)

My leg presses were even cooler - last time I did 210 pounds at 10 reps. THIS time? 360 pounds for 6 reps :eek: :cool: (very close to 3 times my body weight) I am still a bit shocked over it, and my legs feel fine - didn't even feel it in my knees or anywhere - it was just a lot of weight to push. I must have been slacking last time because there is no way I've gained that much strength in just under 3 months - especially since I've only done leg presses a few times since then!

So now I've no excuses about climbing hills - I obviously have the leg strength - even if I DO have stick legs. I also just need to trust my own core strength - an almost 5 minute plank, twice, certainly shows I have it. Now it is time to get out there and trust myself ;) I think part of this is from some subconscious idea that my body hasn't really changed in the 3 years since I started my weight loss/fitness journey. Ummmm, I think it has...