View Full Version : Walgreens - Balance Trail Mix Bars for $.25

01-11-2006, 09:44 AM
Yep, you heard it right. Walgrees unitl the end of the month has the Balance Trail Mix bars in Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon and something, and Nuts and Berries for TWENTY FIVE CENTS after coupon. Where do you get this coupon? It's right in the store. They have these little booklets that have all their coupons and rebates in them, first page top left is the Balance Bar $4 off 4 bars. On the shelf, they say 2 for $3 but they ring up $1.25 a piece (don't know why, don't care). All said and done you walk out with four bars for a DOLLAR!

I have three Walgreens within 3 miles of my house and my bf and I go everyday and do the "route". Before you know it, we'll be our very own SAG stop! Some have said that they take 20 bars up at a time and the coupon deducts the dollar off of all of them. Try it!