View Full Version : My first night ride with the boys

12-16-2005, 03:11 AM
Hey there,

Last night my dear & I joined up with 13 others to do a social ride after work.

Bit of info: The guys call it the "pizza ride"as they stop at this famous pizza joint about 45 min from perth. Total distance 50k;s and it's on wide track with pea gravel of course...They start at about 7pm and get back round 11pm...normally on a friday..

As i haven't done tons of riding, they told me to go first and they'll catch up...Ummm...Right..I left at about 6pm... i did it in the same time they did and at the same speed...1hr20 at 18-20km's/hr..

The pizza was awesome and free as 4 of the gents were winning team for the 4 man cat in the 12hr...

Ride back was ummm..freaky...we have very bright lights however,...I'd never biked over pea gravel at night and was worried about the speed the group was going...35-40k;s...

Needless to say we made it home in one piece...I now know i have to do more of this type of ride..(no sunburns nor heat exhaustion...) and not worry about my speed...

I can't wait for another one..hopefully with more chickies...


12-19-2005, 01:48 AM
That sounds like a warm night ride! I love night riding (offroad) although we mostly do it to keep evening riding going through the winter, nothing like a cold crisp and clear frosty night when you can look down on all the streetlights in the towns for miles around, absolutely gorgeous! Unfortunately its more often like last week with a howling gale and horizontal rain, still ace fun especially now with my new gore-tex riding boots stopping my feet from turning into blocks of ice.

The idea of a warm night ride sounds excellent though, may try and do some "day into night" rides around May next year (... starts planning...).