View Full Version : MS Bike Girdwood to Hope

06-02-2011, 01:50 PM
I'm hoping there's some TE users down in the Anchorage area. I'm in Fairbanks but I'm registered to do the MS bike ride middle of September, from Girdwood to Hope and back. I'm not going to make it down to Anchorage before then to check out the course, so I'm hoping someone on here might be in the area and can tell me what I've got myself in to! (Specifically, how bad are the hills?)

We are shooting for the full length the first day, but I'm hoping to get an idea ahead of time of how frequently (or large) of hills I need to be training on. I know the more I practice on hills the better regardless of what the actual course is, but would love some sort of "course description" at least for that long ride.

Because it's a new course there's no course description up yet...
Any help would be greatly appreciated.