View Full Version : Spinervals VHS tapes and some DVDs for free

roadie gal
04-05-2011, 03:51 PM
I originally posted this in the "For Sale" discussion, but no one seemed interested. Now I'm willing to give these away. I need room on the shelf and I don't want to just throw them out.

I have 6 Spinervals VHS tapes. My tape player died and it isn't worth replacing, so instead, I bought the DVDs. The ones I have to give away are:
1.0 Ride Strong
2.0 Time Trial - one hour long
3.0 Suffer-O-Rama
6.0 Zoot Challenge
7.0 Uphill Grind
12.0 Recharge
The tapes are in good condition but the front is missing from the boxes. (Spinervals will replace the tapes for DVDs at half price, but you have to send in the box top.) The tapes are marked (original marking by Spinervals) with which one it is.

I also have some random DVDs to give:
Endurance Films Ride the Rockies. This is a virtual ride with some one leg drills.

Optimum Fitness Pedalling Technique. This is a Spinervals type session.

Go Swim Freestyle with Karlyn Pipes-Nielsen.

I will happily throw them all in a box for you if you want them.

roadie gal
04-07-2011, 10:54 AM
Tapes and DVDs have been claimed and sent off. Thanks for looking.